Partner institution:

Hematology and Transfusion Scientific institute, Tashkent

Represented by:

Dr Aziza Makhmudova, MD, Head of Hemostasis Pathology Department


2.5 years, Q4 2005 - Q2 2007




Uzbekistan 1

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  • Coagulometer installed and training of lab staff performed
  • 1,138 PwH diagnosed and registered
  • Publication of book - “Uzim haqimda nima bilaman” (what I know about    myself)
  • Dr Aziza Dj. Mahmudova managed to involve the Haemo-philia Problem    Charity Fund - headed by the daughter of the Uzbekistan President. The Fund granted a budget for the construction of a new haemophilia centre in    Tashkent and is going to also support it with medical products
  • Realisation of treatment guidelines “Hemophilia”, “Hemophilia clinic forms,    diagnostics and cure”.
  • Briefings held with participation of Senator H. Shodieva, MoH RUZ, and all    regional haematologists on the theme “Screening of Inhibitor form of Hemophilia”
  • Realisation of documentary “Hemophilia in Uzbekistan”


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