Partner institution:

Scientific Research Institution of Haematology and Blood Transfusion

Represented by:

Dr Aziza Makhmudova, Haematologist and Director of Haemophilia Centre


2 years, Q1 2016 - Q4 2017




Read the final project article here

  • 30 haematologists will be trained from 12 regions. With an urbanisation rate of 36%, around 980 PwH live outside of the capital and should get better access to care through this project.
  • The rehabilitation care will be provided at the haematology centres in the 12 regions. That will save time and cost for the patients to receive the care
  • The rehabilitation care will help to decrease the number of disabled haemophilia patients and generally will enhance their social and professional lives
  • Bringing the expertise of the field personnel up to standard.


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