Partner institution:

Centre of Haemophilia and Depression of Haematopoiesis, Tashkent

Represented by:

Dr Aziza D. Makhmudova, MD, Head of Hemostasis Pathology Department


1.5  years, Q4 2008 - Q2 2010




Uzbekistan 2 computer classes

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  • School created with a classroom as well as a computer room and playroom for     children with haemophilia (age 2–10)
  • Library established with books, DVDs on eg history, geography, art, world     culture
  • 24-hour telephone hotline set up to provide qualified consultation
  • Classes organised in compulsory basic knowledge as well as computer and art
  • Psychological sessions provided for haemophilia patients and families
  • Swimming classes provided
  • Excursions organised with project minibus to museums, exhibitions and parks
  • Sustainability of school assured through Ministry of Health in close     collaboration with hospital
  • Since its opening over 300 children have attended programmes at the school


"Imagine a small child away from his normal life for up to eight months; something that will feel like a lifetime for a child of this age. With no school, no sports and no other activities. But this haemophilia school will change all of this. It will bring ‘normal’ life back to these children and tremendously improve their chances and quality of life," Dr Aziza Makhmudova, project partner.

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