India 7


Preventing and Decreasing Musculoskeletal Morbidities among People with Haemophilia in Southern India


Haemophilia Federation India 

Represented by:

Dr Pamela Narayan

Planned duration:

3 years, started  Q2 2015




  • Map the musculoskeletal morbidities and physiotherapy practices prevalent in India
  • Delineate and implement a clinical pathway of MSK care for people with haemophilia
  • Collect MSK outcome data and provide feedback to the MSK registry developed by the HTC Campinas, Brazil
  • Increase awareness and access to physical therapy in the management of MSK morbidities amongst people with haemophilia


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Country Information

Population / 1.2 billion

Expected patients / 120,000

Known patients / 20,000

GDP per capita (USD) / 3,500

Health expenditure as % of GDP / 4.2

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