Partner institution:

Nepal Hemophilia Society (NHS), Kathmandu

Represented by:

Manil Shrestha, Secretary

Planned duration:

3 years, envisaged start Q1 2019




  • Identify 100 new cases of haemophilia each year through awareness and education
  • Develop diagnostic capabilities in Nepalgunj (Far West) and increase the capacity of Civil Service Hospital (CSH) to perform as the knowledge hub on issues of haemophilia diagnosis and periphery activities
  • Enable people with haemophilia to become physically strong and fit to live a healthy life
  • Empower and strengthen the haemophilia community through education, training and development
  • Raise awareness of haemophilia amongst government, civil society and organisations working with people with disabilities through advocacy, discussion, interaction and rapport building at central province level as well as in local chapters

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