2017 NNHF Project of the Year: Uganda 2

Partner: Haemophilia Foundation of Uganda (HFU), Kampala

Represented by: Agnes Kisakye, executive secretary

Projet duration: 2 years, started Q2 2016


Congratulations Kisakye Agnes and the Uganda 2 project team for winning the 2017 NNHF Project of the Year Award!

Energised by the great achievements of the first Uganda project, the project team continued on the journey with a second project. The Uganda 2 project started in 2016 with the objectives of creating sustainable impact for the haemophilia community of Uganda and raising awareness in a country where often haemophilia is associated with witchcraft.  


Agnes,  project leader and executive secretary of the Haemophilia Foundation of Uganda during a media interview on World Haemophilia Day 2017

The project partner Kisakye Agnes together with the team at Haemophilia Federation of Uganda (HFU) demonstrated outstanding dedication, excellent project management and stakeholder involvement which led to sustainable impact. They went from achievement to achievement, teaming up with the national referral hospital in Mulago, international experts, health centres at grass-roots and district levels, local doctors, health workers, leaders of different faiths and traditional institutions in Uganda. Thanks to their inclusive efforts they are making impressive progress in improving haemophilia care in the country.

Under the tagline “Save lives by knowing” the team also engaged strategically with media to raise awareness, inform the population about the symptoms of haemophilia and prevent traditional practices, such as circumcision, from leading to tragic deaths.

They were also able to engage with authorities, gaining the support of the Ministry of Health resulting in the approval of inclusion of haemophilia care in the public healthcare budget and the Minister of Health’s attendance at the project’s patient camp in 2016.  

Their numerous initiatives to educate health workers, people with haemophilia and their families on how to live with the condition are allowing patients to live a healthier and happier life, according to HFU. 

“Haemophilia patients just needed a chance! We have walked the talk and we never gave up even when we faced challenges trying to engage with some key stakeholders. We put people with haemophilia at the centre of everything we do. The impact of our activities on the patients and their families is overwhelming and has motivated us to stand up for the cause we are fighting for. All we need is commitment and perseverance,” shared Agnes.

“We are so proud of what we have achieved in just a short time and with limited resources. We have mobilised various stakeholders, we have teamed up with many of them, we have changed the perceptions of people, we have built the capacity of families and health workers to take good care of people with haemophilia so that they can live healthy and happy lives,” said Agnes, sharing her gratitude upon receiving the NNHF Project of the Year Award.  

“The achievements of this project will have an everlasting impact for generation after generation of haemophilia siblings in Uganda,” she added.

In 2017, Agnes and the project team will continue to work with key decision makers, including the National Health Committee, Ministry of Health and hospital directors to advocate for improved haemophilia care. Alongside this, the project will continue its awareness campaign to identify patients, continue to reduce stigma, and expand it to the Eastern, Central and Northern regions.

About the award

The Project of the Year Award goes to the project partner and team who have demonstrated outstanding dedication, excellent project management, stakeholder involvement, and sustainable impact. The award recognises a particularly successful NNHF project that has demonstrated outstanding commitment, excellent project management, sustainable impact and stakeholder involvement.