NNHF Community Award winner 2017

03 May 2017

Lic Marión Echenagucia - An inspirational teacher driving change in Venezuela and beyond

Lic Marión Echenagucia sharing her expertise with healthcare professionals in Caracas, Venezuela in 2011

Congratulations to Lic Marión Echenagucia, winner of the NNHF Community Award 2017!

This award recognises Lic Marión Echenagucia’s exceptional voluntary engagement and outstanding contribution to developing and strengthening diagnosis of bleeding disorders in Venezuela and across Latin America. For many years, Marión was involved in various educational and scientific activities, teaming up with national, regional and international experts as well as with NNHF. 


She started to team up for change in Venezuela since she began specialising in bleeding disorders, inspired by professors who instilled in her the passion of sharing knowledge to create positive impact for people with haemophilia and bleeding disorders in Venezuela and beyond.  

Adequate diagnosis is crucial in comprehensive care

For Marión, access to adequate diagnosis, attentive evaluation of the consequences of the condition, and appropriate treatment are crucial in comprehensive care. Making this a reality requires a patient-centric and collaborative team approach.

“As a laboratory professional I can contribute to improving the lives of people with haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders, and this motivates me to progress every day.  Nowadays, disparities in access to care for people with haemophilia in our country and region are evident. With my contribution in my specialty field, I believe we can team up to grow professionally, to collaborate toward reducing the gap and meeting our objectives faster,” said Marión.

Oustanding personal engagement
She is recognised as an inspirational teacher by many lab professionals in her country, in Latin America and beyond, as demonstrated by the long list of comments on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, congratulating her on receiving the NNHF Community award. 


Upon receiving the award, Marion highlighted the importance that teaming up for change had in her life. She expressed recognition to all the people who, in her opinion, contributed to her professional and personal achievements - starting from the high level professionals, such as Dr Norma de Bosch and Dr Arlette Ruiz de Saez who inspired her, her colleagues, her family and last but not least the Venezuelan patient association, always engaged in improving comprehensive care for people with haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders. 

"Marión has been an amazing partner for many years, sharing her expertise with many healthcare professionals at the NNHF Basic Coagulation Courses for the Latin America region. We particularly appreciate her positive attitude, her strong desire to share her knowledge with passion, thus being a real inspiration to many," says Denise Braendgard, NNHF general manager.

Long-term engagement, long-lasting recognition

Nurtured by strong passion for her work and committed to continuing sharing knowledge, Marión serves as an inspiration to many, and her contribution to improving haemophilia diagnosis and care will continue to be recognised for many years.

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