Meet NNHF Community Award 2014 winner: Dr Bélgica Moreno

Each year, the NNHF awards its prestigious Community Award to a person or group whose deep engagement is leading to an outstanding contribution for the benefit of the community. We consider contributors from all over the world for this honor, and we take the decision very seriously. The Community Award winner needs to be the very embodiment of the NNHF vision to create life-changing action for better access to care.

A visionary step-by-step approach

Spend a day in Dr Moreno’s Centro Nacional de Hemofilia in Panama City, and you will see how she stands out. Watch her enthusiasm infect in the nurses or other haemophilia care experts of her medical team she trains to treat haemophilia. See the care with which she can educate a parent or examine a bleeding child.

Having trained as a haematologist in Brazil, Dr Moreno returned to Panama with a vision to set-up comprehensive care for people with haemophilia, and embarked on a step-by-step approach to achieve this vision. She has recently completed her second successful NNHF project. The first project helped establish her treatment centre in Panama City as a centre of excellence in Panama. The second project branched out to create six satellite clinics across Panama.  Both projects have been remarkable examples of success.

Improving quality of life

With the Community Award grant, Dr Moreno and her team will carry out a social evaluation of the families of patients with severe haemophilia and vWD type 3 and offer skills to the families to help them enter the workforce and be self-sufficient. These families will then be able to combine caring for their children with being productive members of their local workforce, improving both their financial situation and their quality of life.

A compassionate ambassador

Dr Moreno is an ambassador for the haemophilia community in her country, in Central America, and on a global level. Nominated for the award by her team, she is a visionary, innovative, and enthusiastic

leader and has dedicated herself to improving patients’ lives for over 20 years. This year we are proud to recognise the extraordinary work and compassionate spirit of Dr Bélgica Moreno as the winner of the NNHF Community Award.

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