NNHF Awards - Recognising outstanding achievement

Introduced in 2010, the NNHF Awards recognise outstanding achievements that create impact within the bleeding disorders community.  Our two annual award categories are:

NNHF Project of the Year Award – recognising a particularly successful NNHF project that has demonstrated outstanding commitment, excellent project management, sustainable impact and stakeholder involvement.

NNHF Community Award – awarded to an individual or group who has shown exceptional engagement and dedication to the community with lasting effect.

In granting these awards, we promote better practice to our network and the wider community.  We hope that sharing these successes inspires and guides others working within the community.

Nominate for an award

Project of the Year 2017

Winner: Uganda 2
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Community Award 2017

Winner: Lic Marión Echenagucia
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NNHF Project of the Year Award winners:

2017 - Uganda 2 - Read more

2016 - Pakistan 5 - Read more

2015 - Mexico 2

2014 - India 2

2013 - Salta, Argentina

2012 - Honduras

2011 - Cuba

2010 - Macedonia

NNHF Community Award winners:

2017 - Lic. Marión Echenagucia, Venezuela - Read the article

2016 - Dr Aziza Makhmudova, Uzbekistan

2015 - Cheryl Nineff D'Ambrosio, USA

 2014 - Dr Dr Bélgica Moreno, Panama

2013 - Julia Robles Castillo, Peru    

2012 - Haydee Benoit de Garcia, Dominican Republic - Read more

2011 - Robyn Devenish, Cambodia - Read more

2010 - Anne-Louise Cruickshank, South Africa - Read more



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