2016 NNHF Project of the Year: Pakistan 5

Partner: Pakistan Hemophilia Patients Welfare Society® (PHPWS)

Represented by: Masood Fareed Malik


Congratulations to Masood Fareed Malik and the entire Pakistan 5 Project team for winning the 2016 NNHF Project of the Year!

The Pakistan 5 Project has been a remarkable journey. It started with a unique and bold vision of uniting the patient association chapters throughout Pakistan. They knew that an energised, united, well-coordinated patient association could have tremendous impact. Their ability to register patients, raise awareness, and reach out to patients would be magnified exponentially.

Led by Mr Malik, a former President of the Pakistan Hemophilia Patients Welfare Society (PHPWS), this project has stood out as a shining example of a model NNHF project partner.

Mr Malik, project leader and a former President of the Pakistan Hemophilia Patients Welfare Society (PHPWS)

“Why was the Pakistan 5 Project selected as this year’s winner? Four qualities stand out:


No one had ever seen Haemophilia Day Celebrations like the ones led by this team. They started by instituting high-energy brainstorms where the sky was the limit. This energised membership and brought community ownership and participation to a new level – which led to highly successful celebrations.

One of the most innovative ways they found to celebrate was to produce The Positive Diaries. They presented profiles of real people with haemophilia who were accountants, doctors, shop keepers and more. These diaries showed patients that they could live normal lives and showed Pakistani authorities that these people can be productive and independent members of society when given proper support.

Transformational leadership

Mr Malik and the Pakistan 5 team took remarkable steps to transform the patient support landscape in Pakistan. They began with a dynamic 2-day planning session to lay out a long-tem strategic plan for the PHPWS. They established a National Haemophilia Youth Group, which brought together 10 youth leaders from five chapters. They established an executive committee that included people with haemophilia from each chapter to encourage empowerment and communication.



The focus on youth and young leaders was extremely important. This was a project designed to last. Not only have they put into place a strong leadership structure for today, but they are grooming the leaders of tomorrow as part of their succession planning.

A remarkable testament to the focus on sustainability was Mr Malik’s deliberate choice NOT to run for PHPWS President. The goal was empowerment, and this was the ultimate example of that goal in action.


As an NNHF partner, all reports were on time and complete. The team took pains to provide accurate, detailed assessments of their activity, and worked to ensure transparency in everything they did. It was clear that this group had outstanding teamwork and they were a pleasure to work with from start to finish.

For all of these reasons and more, we are proud to have supported the Pakistan 5 Project. Congratulations on being named the NNHF Project of the Year!

About the award

The Project of the Year Award goes to the project partner and team who have demonstrated outstanding dedication, excellent project management, stakeholder involvement, and sustainable impact. The award recognises a particularly successful NNHF project that has demonstrated outstanding commitment, excellent project management, sustainable impact and stakeholder involvement.

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