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Malawi: The impact of teaming up for change

February 2017

Today, thanks to the joint efforts of a variety of local and international experts and engaged individuals, people in Malawi can receive haemophilia care at the Kamuzu Central Hospital in Llilongwe, where the first haemophilia clinic was officially inaugurated by the Ministry of Health in November 2016.

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Peru 2: Engaging social workers to support access to care

December 2016

In 2015, Carmen Castro Abad, who has FVII deficiency, was hospitalised for several weeks following a bleed. Whilst Carmen eventually received the care she needed during this period, the process of accessing this care was not an easy one. As many healthcare professionals did not have specialist knowledge of bleeding disorders, gaining the correct referrals and care was a lengthy process.

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International collaboration to improve MSK care in Thailand

December 2016

From 23-25 September, 11 participants including nurses, haematologists and paediatricians came together in Bangkok for a musculoskeletal (MSK) care training session.  The training is part of the NNHF Thailand 2 project, which aims to improve MSK care in Thailand.

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NNHF Project of the Year 2016 Award Winner

November 2016

Congratulations to the entire "Pakistan-5" Project team for winning the 2016 NNHF Project of the Year!

Led by Mr Masood Fareed Malik former President of the Pakistan Hemophilia Patients Welfare Society-NMO (PHPWS), this project has stood out as a shining example of a model NNHF project partner. 

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2nd Haemophilia Leadership Forum: One step forward in building successful partnerships to address national needs in haemophilia care

October 2016

The 2nd AvanceHemos Haemophilia Leadership Forum (HLF) brought together haemophilia experts and actors from 12 Latin American countries in Lima, Peru, to discuss needs, challenges and plans to improve haemophilia care in their countries.

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Latvia: A multi-sectoral approach to registry development

October 2016

The second NNHF supported project in Latvia focuses on developing a registry to monitor patient data and health outcomes, to improve the quality of care and treatment provided, whilst the Latvia 1 project focused on regional capacity building. 

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Salta, Argentina: Long-term dedication and commitment lead to sustainable impact

September 2016 

In August 2016, the health authorities of Salta Province, Argentina and the Haemophilia Foundation of Salta announced the establishment of a haemophilia service at the local hospital, dedicated to diagnosis and multidisciplinary care of people with haemophilia living in the province.

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Brazil 4: Better practice sharing across projects in Brazil

The NNHF Brazil 4 project is based in the state of Para, in the north of the country.  Known as the gateway to the Amazon, the state includes a number of islets.  With the haemophilia patient population spread throughout these islets and a lack of transport infrastructure, access to adequate care is difficult.

Malawi: Joint efforts begin to establish haemophilia care

In Malawi, it is expected that there are 1,800 people living with haemophilia. Of these, only 9 have been identified. This is because there are no facilities or trained staff in public hospitals to diagnose patients with haemophilia. With such a low number of identified patients, awareness of the condition is very low. 

Brazil 2: MSK data to lead to improved care across Brazil

Many people with haemophilia across the world are affected by joint damage and arthropathy.  In Brazil for example, 96% of those with severe haemophilia A live with severe joint damage due to a lack of musculo-skeletal (MSK) care.

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China 4: Building networks and establishing dialogue

NNHF programmes in China span 10 years and include 4 projects and 4 fellowships.  One of these is the China 4 project in Shandong.  The NNHF engagement with the Shandong team started with the China 2 project, which included training for the team at the Shandong Haemophilia Centre. 

Kenya 3: New Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centre brings hope to patients and families in Nairobi

On 23 September 2015, the Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centre (HCCC) at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi was officially opened.

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Uganda: Building the basis for haemophilia care

In 2015, Uganda was selected as the NNHF annual global fundraiser.  Through donations made on World Haemophilia Day and beyond, a project is being funded to establish diagnosis and raise awareness of haemophilia throughout Uganda.

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