AvanceHemos - 2nd Haemophilia Leadership Forum: One step forward in building successful partnerships to address national needs in haemophilia care

The 2nd AvanceHemos Haemophilia Leadership Forum (HLF) brought together haemophilia experts and actors from 12 Latin American countries in Lima, Peru, to discuss needs, challenges and plans to improve haemophilia care in their countries.

Organised by the Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation and co-hosted by the Danish embassy for Chile, Peru and Ecuador, the Forum was sponsored by Novo Nordisk and took place in Lima, Peru on 7-8 September. It succeeded in bringing together international experts and key actors of the Latin American haemophilia community to discuss national needs and define strategic plans on how to improve haemophilia care.  Following the success of the first forum held in Panama in 2014, this year the event brought together over 50 representatives of authorities, international experts, healthcare professionals and presidents of patient associations from 12 Latin American countries.

As the name “AvanceHemos” indicates, the Forum offered a stimulating platform where experts shared better practices, discussed ideas, and planned how to move haemophilia care onto the national healthcare agenda.

In the opening speech, the Danish Ambassador expressed his gratitude for being invited to participate in the dialogue on such an important topic.  Susanne Brandl, General Manager at NNHF welcomed the participants to the 2nd HLF providing an overview of the objectives as well as the work of the NNHF in stimulating local impact creation in developing countries. She was followed by international experts such as Professor Miguel Escobar from Houston, USA, Doctor Laura Villarreal from Mexico and Professor Eduardo Missoni from Italy who inspired attendees with topics spanning from comprehensive haemophilia care, to establishment of a multidisciplinary team in Mexico, to challenges in the implementation of haemophilia care in the health system. 

Furthermore, NNHF programme partners from the region – patient organisations, healthcare professionals and key decision and policy makers shared better practices. All the presentations stimulated discussions to prepare the basis to position haemophilia on national healthcare agendas, by building key partnerships and leveraging on a strategic action plan defined during the forum.

Learning from experience in other countries encouraged the dialogue and interactions at the workshops that complemented the presentations.

Building a network, defining objectives to improve haemophilia care

“The workshops were very enriching and provided inspiration on how to improve haemophilia in my country,” commented Dr Marjorie Arias Jimenez from Costa Rica.

During the interactive workshop sessions, delegates were invited to think about the needs in haemophilia care in their country and address them. They were then provided with the tools to define a strategic action plan intended to address specific needs in the respective country. Given the setting of the event they were inspired to think  beyond their usual role in haemophilia and consider how to build partnerships and work with other key actors in the country, in order to reach the objectives defined in the plan.

“These workshops were very practical and interactive and offered the opportunity to align and consolidate our plans as a country,” shared one of the participants.

“It was great to witness the positive outcome of the forum with the creation of a network that   goes beyond   national borders and which they can use in the future to create more impact for people with haemophilia,” commented Susanne Brandl, NNHF’s General Manager wrapping up a very successful event. The NNHF team will support the implementation of the action plans designed during the Forum in each country, providing guidance as needed in order to ensure local impact creation.