Creating awareness together

In most developing and emerging countries, awareness of haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders is very low. Through awareness creating activities we join hands with the community worldwide to change this.

Stretch Out for Haemophilia – using thera-bands to aid exercise, this campaign raises awareness of the benefits of appropriate exercise for people with haemophilia

Uganda 1 - NNHF Project of the Year 2017 - Under the tagline “Save lives by knowing” the Uganda 1 project team engaged strategically with media to raise awareness, inform the population about the symptoms of haemophilia and prevent traditional practices, such as circumcision, from leading to tragic deaths.

They were also able to engage with authorities, gaining the support of the Ministry of Health resulting in the approval of inclusion of haemophilia care in the public healthcare budget and the Minister of Health’s attendance at the project’s patient camp in 2016.  

Desafio del Caribe 2011/2012 – after the success of Desafio Orinoco, NNHF helped to bring together two teams of swimmers from Venezuela and Mexico to complete a 10 km swim.  The results of ongoing medical assessment will be published after the project.

Desafio Orinoco 2010 - NNHF sponsored a team of swimmers with haemophilia to complete a 3.1 km swim.  Participants reported better joint articulation and increased self-esteem.

If you want to support our awareness activities, get in touch with us today. Or spread the word in your community and organise a Stretch Out activity or swimming event.

Become an ambassador for better haemophilia care

Are you excited about the achievements of NNHF programmes? Volunteer as an ambassador and promote our collaborative approach to development work in your community.

Share documents & media with community members, to showcase examples of your work and inspire other people in the world to drive change

Find potential project partners or strong local community leaders

Identify candidates for the NNHF Community Award

Help us search for an internationally recognised haemophilia experts willing to team up for change and share their expertise

Link us with dedicated individuals who want to make a difference to the lives of people with haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders.

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