Awarding outstanding dedication

It is the dedication of members of the haemophilia community that drives change. Throughout our work, we have witnessed the impact of such devotion worldwide and believe that it deserves special recognition. For this reason, in 2010 NNHF established two yearly awards for outstanding dedication – the NNHF Community Award and the Project of the Year Award.

What is the NNHF Community Award?

NNHF wants to recognise persons who have shown outstanding voluntary engagement benefitting people with haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders in the developing world.

The results of their engagement should have a long-term impact on the haemophilia & allied bleeding disorders community.
The prize of CHF 5,000 shall ideally be spent on improvement of local haemophilia care.

How to nominate?

The award candidate must be nominated by a third party and cannot apply him/herself. Any private or professional person or community care team can be nominated. The nomination form should be completed with a description proving the personal and voluntary engagement as well as its results and long-term impact. For your nomination to be considered for the award, please use the nomination form provided by NNHF. Additional supporting references and documents can be beneficial. 

Who decides?

The NNHF Council is the decision making body. The winner will be announced on World Haemophilia Day each year. They will be informed in writing by the NNHF Management team and announced on our Better Practice Sharing platforms such as the NNHF website, Facebook page, Activity Report and Activity Update. A dedicated advertisement will be placed in the Haemophilia Journal. Furthermore, a ceremony will take place at the ISTH Congress in July 2019 on the NNHF stand, if the winner is present. Otherwise it will be arranged to take place in the winner's country.

When is the next submission deadline?

The nomination deadline for the 2019 Community Award is 1 March 2019.

What is the NNHF Project of the Year Award?

NNHF recognises the many achievements made in each of the projects we support. However, some projects stand out as having made particularly great gains towards improved care which merits special attention. Noteworthy efforts and great ideas deserve not only public recognition, they should also be made available to a broader group of people. This is why NNHF grants the NNHF Project of the Year Award.

To win this award, a project must be a particularly successful NNHF project exhibiting outstanding dedication and sustainable impact, excellent project management and stakeholder involvement. The award recipients are chosen by the NNHF Management Team. 

Who can win?

NNHF Project Partners and their teams running a project in the last year will be automatically considered. The winning project will be announced together with the NNHF Community Award on World Haemophilia Day.

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Community Award nomination form

NNHF Community Award 2018

Community Award winner 2018
Winner: Prof Johnny Mahlangu

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