Partner institution:

Shandong Centre of Haemophilia Diagnosis and Treatment, Jinan

Represented by:

Dr Xinsheng Zhang, Director

Planned duration:

2.5 years, Q3 2014 - Q2 2017




  • Strenghtened hemophilia comprehensive care work in Shandong.
  • Established and strenthend 5 HTCs in Shandong Province where each city level haemophilia center had set up a multidisciplinary team including hematologists, pediatricians, nurses, laboratory technician, physical therapist, dentist, orthopedist, local blood center, patients group and local health bureau.
  • 519 hemophilia patients were newly diagnosed and registred during the duration of the project. 
  • More than 640 people directly benefited from the project: >100 doctors, 100 nurses, 30 lab technicians, 10 physiotherapists, 400 patients and family members.

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