Our governance - the rules we live by

The Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation (NNHF) was established in 2005 as a non-profit organisation.  Adhering to high foundation governance standards is a key objective for our organisation and its operations as a grant-making foundation NNHF is an associated partner of SwissFoundations. Our corporate governance is oriented to the principles and recommendations of the Swiss Foundation Code.

Governed by the Foundation Council

NNHF is governed by the Foundation Council. Along with globally renowned external experts in the field of haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders, the Council consists of members from Novo Nordisk. They are drawn from the company's global experience in haemophilia as well as management of corporate social responsibility and operations in developing and emerging countries. NNHF Council members exercise their duty without remuneration except for the reimbursement of their expenses.


Operationally managed by the NNHF team

The NNHF Management Team, composed of six employees, is responsible for the daily management of NNHF and its development programmes.

Clear operating principles and processes aim at achieving efficient and sustainable results fulfilling the purpose of the foundation.

The annual financial statements of NNHF are audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers AG.

Swiss authorities ensure that the proceeds of NNHF are spent in accordance with its objectives and inspect proper financial and liquidity planning along with financial reporting.

Our Council - rules and responsibilities

The NNHF Council governs NNHF. It ensures that the foundation’s goals, activities and structures are as transparent as possible and appropriate to the foundation’s purpose. The Foundation Council convenes twice a year.

As the supervisory and main decision body of NNHF it ensures proper handling of funds and their distribution. The Council decides about submitted programmes and on the strategic direction.

As governing body it supervises the financial and liquidity planning and approves the annual budget as well as the reporting on risk and financial management as submitted by NNHF Management. The NNHF Council entrusts daily management to NNHF Management Team. The Foundation Council consists of the following eight Council members:

NNHF Activity Report 2018

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