Our Approach

The Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation (NNHF) approach is to partner with local and international community members to make change becoming a reality. We want on the ground activities to work in favour of people with haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders improving their access to care, treatment and quality of life. Together we focus on supporting the estimated 80% of the global patient population living in the developing world1 where still many lack proper diagnosis and adequate care.

A future where everyone with haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders has equal access to care takes the concerted efforts of many parties:

Our programme partners who drive local change (e.g. project partners, award nominees and winners)

Other local community members who engage to provide hands-on support (e.g. healthcare professionals, patient organisations, people with haemophilia and their families, authority representatives and NGOs or other organisations)

Experts and disease area specialists around the globe who collaborate and share knowledge

Our foundation Council whose experts support and motivate local partners and staff


Focused development programmes

Together with our partners, we aim for sustainable improvement of care in developing, emerging and transition countries. Supported on-the-ground activities centre on three focus areas - namely

1. Capacity building

2. Education and empowerment

3. Diagnosis and registry.

These are supported through our development programmes which are: Projects and Awards.

Better Practice Sharing

A further aspect in our endeavours to improve care is Better Practice Sharing (BPS). Through BPS, we aim to strengthen the sustainable impact of our programmes. We facilitate opportunities to enable knowledge exchange amongst our global network of project partners, internationally known experts, patients and the wider community.


Joint efforts reaching sustainable impact

Following this approach, we seek to take the first steps to fulfil our vision.

To date, 237 programmes and 18 awards have been approved, supporting activities in 70 countries of the developing world. They create impact based on a sound partnership and a structured, yet flexible development focused approach allowing for targeted action on the ground.



1Source: https://unctad.org/en/PublicationChapters/tdstat42_FS11_en.PDF

NNHF Activity Report 2018

Download the report here

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